Karlee is a girl that is hard to get enough of. She has the best sense of humor and can make you smile no matter what mood you are in. She is beautiful, not only on the outside does she radiant perfection but also on the inside. She is an amazing friend to have, one that you can tell anything to and know that she will give you valuable advice in return. It's hard to stay mad at Karlee because of her amazing personality. She takes her friendships seriously so if you are considered one of her close friends you better not take it for granted. Karlee changes your life, it's just not the same without her.
Wow, that girl is hilarious, she must be a Karlee.

Look at that gorgeous girl, she is definitely a Karlee.
by iluvpens December 12, 2012
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an extremely random, loud, talkative and out going girl. she is very kind-hearted, and helps everyone she can. she loves to text, shes very flirty. she can be annoying because she is so loud. she loves playing with any kind of zipper. she texts 24/7. she is one of a kind. she wears her heart on her sleeve, which causes her to be hurt easily. she hates liers, she wants to make a difference in the world. she gets honor roll in school, and has amazing friends who always have her back. she has more guy friends then girls. loves animals, especially dogs. she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but never piss her off, or you will feel her wrath.
She is such a Karlee, she never stopd talking and is bubbly and out going.
by Karebear16 February 17, 2009
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A female you need by your side , loyal caring and a ride or die. She got GREAT PUSSY AND IMMACULATE HEAD. will listen when you need her to and be there for you through thick and thin. She’s toxic but worth it, she’s pushy but knows what she wants.. when she loves she loves hard.
Karlee is the best female Iv ever met
by Thatboyjeezy January 6, 2021
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A smart, outgoing girl. She usually wear her heart on her sleeve. Karlee's are usually emo or scene. Some are popular. If she trusts you, don't make her havesecond thoughts. She means it when she says she loves you. The cutest couple that she would be with is with a Tiernan or Matt. She is truthful and loyal, and she will tell ypu if she talks about you. She is very loud. She thinks shes ugly but she is a beautiful inside and out. Her friends namesare usually Samantha, Kayla. She has a ton of guy friends. Shes crushing on some.
"Do you see Karlee?! She's beautiful!!" Matt says

"Thats my little sister. She really is pretty isnt she." Tiernan answers
by Fallenangel❤️ December 8, 2013
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Karlee is a cunt
Man that Karlee chick is a cunt
by ThatChickKarlee December 25, 2017
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Karlee is a FAT CUNT. She is a disgrace. Somebody lied to her several times told her that she was cute and fly but she's NOTHING of the sort.
Man 1: zella is a fat cunt
Man2: ikr she's SUCH a karlee
by OBESEOBESE July 23, 2018
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A wallflower. She merely stands from the side and watches the teens among her. She's fragile but strong. She's smart, but cunning and mischevouis. She acts good in school but man, you hang out w her and her friend, you're in for the time of your life.
"You know Karlee right?" "Yeah man, shes cute I guess." "I hung out w her and Violet, and man do they know a good time." "Bro you fucked them?!" "Nah, Karlee isn't like that. But she knows how to throw a banging party dude."
by babebrinley January 4, 2015
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