A replica of a Honda Integra Type-R, a fake. Usaly with the JDM front end on a USDM Acura Integra. Hint: no Type-R came factory with a sunroof.
Riceboy1: wow look at the Type-r, that shit is clean.
knowledged honda guy: its a Hype-r, dumbass
by tweakend July 15, 2006
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a way for little innocent girls to say that they are EXTREMELY HORNY without using words that make them uncomfy.....
Brooke, I'm so hyper right now! I had lots of coke. I'm just gonna go flick the bean!
by bosombuddies December 15, 2010
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man i got sooo hyper last night when i drank that liter of mountain dew!
by SchoolIsUncool May 16, 2009
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This prefix is used as an adjective to describe a person who is high-strung. From the term "hyperactive."
You are so hyper!! Ugghhh..
by mr. yoso June 28, 2012
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In general, the word "hyper" means...
Over; Above; Beyond; Excessive
The basic meaning of "hyper" is "beyond" or "above", so it's obvious to use "hyper-X" for the higher-intensity of "X". As we say... Hyperactive man
by Nash May 11, 2003
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can be used to replace the word "horny"
code-term that a female can use to inform her friends that she is willing to get it on with a male
"damn amanda i am soo hyper rite now!!" (wink)
by elora/amanda December 31, 2004
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Someone who is in ur ear constantly and does not know the meaning of the word chill. Is typically a person u would prefer not to be with.
That hyper bitch at work gave me a headache.
by Fbomber89 December 09, 2009
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