Popularized by Family Guy, "hwip" (or any other such word that would begin with 'wh'), is a word with extra emphasis on the 'h' sound made. fun for ahwile but annoying after the 12th time or so, the 'hw' sound is a cornerstone of general aggravation.
Meg: Brian could you pass me the hwip?
Brian: Ya, sure...wait the WHAT?
Meg: The hwip. Don't worry Brian, we are going to be here ahwile.

*sorry if the scrript isn't up to exact cue, I checked for a script but my efforts were in vain (I figured there were some Family Guy lovers out there, but nope, it sucks.*
by sawurmomonline May 28, 2008
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Charzaro is forever Cassie's bitch. Yes, he is hwipped by her.
20:13:41 Charzaro she beat me
20:13:42 cocoafk elsewhere
20:13:46 Charzaro she wins
20:13:54 Charzaro asdfghjkl
20:14:00 Charzaro cheater
20:14:01 cocoafk kills damon
20:14:13 Charzaro careful
20:14:18 Charzaro I may become
20:14:20 Charzaro unhwipped
by nobody49540589043094509450 December 02, 2011
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When a man fills his bladder with soft poo through his penis and pushes it out into his partner's mouth.
by JustClause February 05, 2016
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The idea that something is extremely awesome.
Hey !!! Kool-Hwip ...
by BashBro August 31, 2008
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