Slang term for "hurry". Can have different meanings depending on the context in which it is used, and the inflection it is spoken with. For example if pronounced quickly and bluntly it might mean "hurry up". If spoken in a drawn out whiny voice it might mean "stop doing that, its really fucking annoying".
by Bigmo33 April 04, 2009
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A contraction for 'who is' frequently used as an interrogative or as a relative pronoun.

More formal than the traditional 'hu'.
Huz dat? Wuz dis?
Dat's da man huz goan kick yo ass.
by HonkeyCred February 17, 2011
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a real hustler who makes hella money and his bread game standing up. usually a cute nigga that pulls chics
"Ayo bro is that huz?"
"Yeah foo, thats the rich cute boy nigga"
by kakazi dhang November 06, 2020
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It is the opposite of wifey, when a woman/girl has some one shes been dating for a while and she dosent plan on leaving him nor dose he plan on leaving her; some ones husband
who is he?
- my Huz B!
by NEF{{DOT}} January 24, 2010
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