a black dude trying be street when you know for a fact his dad is a happily married dentist
Black dude-what do you know about that a slinging and grindin' white boy?
Me- shut up Huxtable, do you want the sack or not?
by thinjimmcgeekbeats July 2, 2005
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1.n. a state of confused terror or disenchantment. Can be associated with a period of time (usually momentary) when things long familiar turn foriegn or unexpected.

The huxtable of divorce.
by Forrest Armstrong April 14, 2006
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"yo i wanna date that huxtable"
by [stlru October 24, 2009
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such as:
CS,tfc,ns,dpb,ts,dod,cod, and having friends
wow thank god im not huxtable
by billy goat charles March 22, 2004
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Slang name for a date rape pill. (Rohypnol)
I need a dime bag and 2 Huxtables for tonight. I'm going for a 3 way~!!
by Alphawolf5 November 10, 2015
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A turd that is larger than usual.
I just dropped a Huxtable off at the pool.

I ate so much I have to give birth to some Huxtables.

Someone orphaned some Huxtables and didn't flush.
by Craig "The Greek" February 19, 2008
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To get drugged and taken advantage of, but not remember anything.
Dude, I got Huxtabled last night, what happened?
by Jerzeedawg January 23, 2015
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