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A reference to an "upscale" or "Upper Middle Class" black person or family. NOT derogatory when used by white people, but can be derogatory if used by blacks, about blacks. Derived from the Huxtables on the Cosby Show. Also used to define "poser" black families, trying to act "white"
Hey, check out the Huxtables in that mini van!

Caviar? What they sellin caviar here fo? They ain't no Huxtables round hea.

Check those Huxtables! What, they think they betta than us?

by Andrew the Texan November 21, 2006
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to take an unfortunate loss and turn of events.
"last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back" - Big Sean (2017)
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by urbansammy January 20, 2017
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a black dude trying be street when you know for a fact his dad is a happily married dentist
Black dude-what do you know about that a slinging and grindin' white boy?
Me- shut up Huxtable, do you want the sack or not?
by thinjimmcgeekbeats July 02, 2005
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A turd that is larger than usual.
I just dropped a Huxtable off at the pool.

I ate so much I have to give birth to some Huxtables.

Someone orphaned some Huxtables and didn't flush.
by Craig "The Greek" February 18, 2008
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A Huxtable is the object of desire for anyone who is celebrating their Birthday. No matter their personality, ethnicity, or morality, a Huxtable will trump any other present. There is much debate over what a Huxtable actually is, but when acquired and given to someone celebrating their Birthday, it is a guaranteed success. Huxtables may not be given on any other day except for someone's birthday, and it can be given only to the birthday boy/girl. There are few instances of a Huxtable ever being given, but one such event has been documented below.
In his youth, Gehngis Khan received a Huxtable from his mother for his birthday. The Huxtable instantly gave strength to his weedy limbs, gave confidence and passion his his mortal heart, and gave him the resolve to conquer all of Asia. The Huxtable also benefited his mother, who gained the physique and allure of a woman half her age. She lived a long and prosperous life filled with orgies and excess as her son conquered Asia, clearly showing that a Huxtable is beneficial to all involved except for the other attendees of the party at which it is given. These guests all meet a similar fate, ejaculating with such force from the mere sight of the Huxtable that their discharge launches into their chins and snaps their necks. This occurrs regardless of gender.
by Retneug April 08, 2007
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