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Double Penetration Buddies -- two guys who would be willing to doubly penetrate the same woman. Often used mockingly.
"What is he like your bff? You guys are like DPBs or something."
by dung_beetle June 08, 2009
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Dry pussy bitch. A nickname for a girl who is such a slut that her pussy doesn't get wet anymore.
That girl Mona is such a dpb.
by Jynxson June 05, 2016
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Abbreviation for "Dem Pretty Bitches"

1. Exclusive group of females whom can be described as deliciously sexy, or arousingly attractive.
2. One who is able to make men burn with desire.
3. Top of the line broad
4. Attractive or sexually appealing
5. Has evolved along the years to become DPB worthy
6. A boner inducing female
That girl is a top of the line dime with a bangin booty.. she must be one of Dem PrEtTy BiTcHes

by y0u b3tt3r a$k $0m3b0dy February 21, 2007
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A boner that is achieved by the rubbing of fabric when said male is clad in dress pants. Hence DPB (Dress Pants Boner). Separate than that of a jean dick or something of thicker fabric which can be easily hidden. Its risk is heightened by the sheer situational factors surrounding dress pants. Where are dress pants most often worn? Weddings?Church?Funerals? etc all of which are places boners would not fit in socially.....
Oh my gawd this fabric on my balls has me rockin a total DPB right now!!!
by morgasm86 August 23, 2010
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Dip. Porn. Booze/Beer-
The best way for teenagers to have fun in rural areas. The first and last of the list are usually done with friends but the middle is usually kept private.

Remember, you will need:
. Dip (chewing tobacco)
. Porn
. Booze (either something like beer that tastes good or something that will knock you on your ass)
I was bored over the weekend so I went for some DPB.

I heard Ed couldn't make it to the club so he stayed home for some DPB instead.

I could really use some PDB
by T-Baggen September 30, 2011
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Used within or after a name to denote membership in the Disciples of Pandora's Box, a vampire-centric following on MySpace and other social networking sites.
Raevynne †dpb† has an excellent grasp of the dark writings of the heart.
by PCMcGee January 27, 2009
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