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After getting drunk, one goes into the kitchen (not necessarily his or her own kitchen) and eats everything in sight. The next morning, it looks like a hurricane hit the kitchen because butter, icing, or other condiments are smeared everywhere (i.e. the microwave). Hurricaning not only causes damage to the room, but also to the hurricaner's body after consuming at least 500 calories or more. This term got coined after my college roommate who hurricaned every time she got drunk. The following examples are based on two of her recent storms.
"I ate a bagel at a stranger's house and then came home and dipped pretzels in butter. I also picked at my roommate's pizza, made hamburger helper, eggs, and perogies. I hurricaned really bad last night!"

"Dude some girl just went into the kitchen and started eating the birthday cake that hadn't been opened yet. There's icing everywhere due to her hurricaning."
by Marcia C December 08, 2007
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When you are quite blazed after smoking behind a nearby school and it starts raining. And on your walk home it gets windy and more rain comes down and you freak out and think its a hurricane and you run almost blindly across a street and almost get hit by a car or 3.
Holy sh!t guys its hurricaning out....RUN!!!!
by bakedfosho April 22, 2004
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