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An HxH character. Every girl simps for this underaged character.
p1: "Killua is mine"
p2: "No hoe, he's mine!"
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An epic pro who is good at everything. Refrence to the anime character from Hunter X Hunter.
by Kil1ua November 8, 2009
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About Killua Zoldyk:

Killua Zoldyk is one of the main characters in the anime "Hunter x Hunter"

Killua is Gon's best friend and met Gon in the hunter exam along with Kurapika Kurta and Mr. Leorio
His whole family is a group of assassins and were raised to be assassins. However Killua resigned as an assassin in order to live a happy life with Gon instead of being stuck inside with family members he hates.

Killuas family:

Killua has a total of 5 siblings that we know of which are Illumi, Milluki, Alluka, Kalluto and obviously himself.
His fathers name is Silva Zoldyck who is also head of the family
His Mothers name is Kikyo Zoldyck
Killua also has a grandfather and his name is Zeno Zoldyck
Person 1: "have you watched hunter x hunter yet?"
Person 2: "Yes! my favorite character is killua!"
by Your local trans ass October 22, 2020
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Killua is a white haired haired electric gay boy from hunterxhunter⚡️😋
🐴Ñáy ńãy Killua🐴
by .Weebshit. November 2, 2020
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Killua is the fay kid from hxh who is in love with his BFF Gon and joined in a LITERAL LOVES SEWERSLIDE PACK HIW TF DO YOU THINK HES NOT GAY OMG
Gon u are light-killua
by Kurapikasupremicy January 16, 2021
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12 year old assassin that’s gay for his best friend and gets sexualized by girls in his fanbase
Someone: I want Killua to rail me!
Everyone: shut the fuck up
by Die4leorio February 8, 2021
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