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A really funny, cute and cool guy that loves joking around. Although he does joke, he is a very caring guy, especially to his friends, and is a good person. He’s very handsome and well-liked by girls, although he doesn’t just date anyone.
Girl 1: "Humzah's so funny and nice, I want to go out with him"
Girl 2: "Good luck, he doesn't just date anyone."
by girlglam301 October 10, 2013
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Humzah is the type of guy who everyone wants to be friends with. He'll make you laugh until you cry and charm you until you blush. Not to mention his hypnotizing smile which will practically make you go insane. He has an aura that'll catch you off guard and if you're not careful you'll fall under his spell.
Make sure you have an antivirus installed if you're around this guy, or he might hack you using his wild computing skills.
'Man, I wish I was as funny as Humzah!'
by cutelittlefatty November 05, 2019
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