a very sexy guy who is very kind hearted and knows how to treat a woman, loves hanging out at the mall, and will make you feel better or ruin your day if your a jerk, loves helping others, and a person to have on your side if you get in a fight.
by Lizzie>.<Pooh!!! February 06, 2010
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He's shy, and really nice when it comes to girls. He is very smart, and loves soccer! He has the sweetest personality. Humza is the hottest guy ever like omfg, you'll die if you see him.
Did you see Humza?
Yeah like omfg he's is sooo hot?
by Rebel with a halo October 11, 2013
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Is a sweet guy who is kind, creative, intelligent and caring. Is very funny. Has good fashion sense. Great at planning things. He is strong, brave and moral and cares about people, and making the world a better place. He is the type of person you always want to be around. Is incredibly handsome and cute. An amazing friend and all around person.
"Haha you're so cool, you're being such a Humza right now!"
by AhlieBB April 14, 2017
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