a car made for insecure people who dont have a life. designed to create a false image of being adventureous and rugged. will never be used for any purpose off the road
yo yo check out my new H2 ... i am definately different now and i have an incredibly interesting life because of this car
by pooy November 2, 2003
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Sits among the dodge ram and the lincoln navigator as of the most pointless wastes of the world's few resources that was devised by mankind - the off roaders that no one would ever use to go off road (in case chrome bumpers were dented or pearlescent paint scratched). Customers have the curious belief that if you drive one you are MORE likely to be a cool, 'wack', 'blingin' and/or 'sick' member of society. The need to melt the polar icecaps (or indeed do anything that is going to jeopardise the future of mankind) as quickly as possible is a basic instinct of the buyers of this vehicle - and, incidentally, some especially severe sufferers of mental retardation - although it is impossible to say how the two groups are connected.
Check out that wack guy in the hummer. That dude is sick!

Sick? He looks rather healthy to me - apart from his obvious crippling insecurity and a fat to body matter ratio of nearly 100:1.
by snack88 August 16, 2005
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A Hummer H1 Alpha if you have a bedtime set by your girlfriend and her husband.

-See sissy and/or bitchboy
“Wow look at that Hummer H2”

“He must like it in the ass.”
by Shaqitus October 11, 2021
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