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Jamster ringtone that is making billions for some geeky little nerd in a recording studio and causing many members of the human race to rip their own ears off in a vain attempt to make the irritation cease. After - in a sudden act of stupidity - you decide to buy it, you will have paid a total of around £40,000 trillion pounds instead of the promised £2.50. Absolutely no point whatsoever.
'This is the 14,521st text message from Jamster mobile, and will cost you £10,000 sterling. If you liked the ringtone, why not buy the remixed verson, the remix of the remix version, the wallpaper, the screensaver, the animated screen saver, the game, the official T-shirt...' Er... No thanks.
by snack88 May 17, 2005
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Big, fat, american cargo ship on wheels. Takes up most of the road. Does about 1/4 of a mile per gallon. Americans think that they are big so they must be built to break the land speed record.
'If that big fat 4x4 isn't built for sheer speed, I aint an American.'
by snack88 May 17, 2005
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Inoffensive term used to describe England dwellers. Oh and by the way, contrary to Beer Bong's explanation, the Ashes are now with England. Shit players, eh? Well your very own Brett Lee was shit personified when matched up to Flintoff - suck on that long, wide British cock... convicts.
Ozzie: Nyah, get aht of it, yeh pommie baaastard!

'Pom': Andrew Flintoff winning the ashes - put that on your barbie and grill it!
by snack88 September 12, 2005
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Yet another silly black american rapper who has the strange misconception that money = talent, and that if he drives around in a 'bling' FUV with an eskimo coat and plastic rings on his fingers, people will regard him as a man who clearly has at least half a brain cell to himself. Obviously he is mistaken.

Also, if you scrutinise his facial features, you may realise that in his case, the evolution from ape to man was reversed, as he does indeed bear an uncanny resemblance to the chimpanzee. Therefore the latin name for him would probably be something like primus maximus retardus.
50 cent iz well bangin' innit! He is so cool in iz new leopard skin coat and iz sovereign rings (available in all good marketplaces and toy shops). I is gonna get me a hummer or a caddy coz laak the more you harm the environment the more you iz bangin innit!
by snack88 August 10, 2005
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1.Big gas guzzler 4x4 that was used to carry 8 or 10 military personnel but now americans buy them in order that they themselves will be able to fit inside given their enormous flab to body tissue ratio. Are used to state that the person is big (in more ways than one) and that they can afford to waste millions of $ on a vehicle that does about 1/4 of a mile per gallon.

2.Stupid overly-patriotic american blowjob in which the unfortunate female (or often male) to be subjected to the tedious and mundane task of first finding the man's tiny cock under the mass of flab then puts it in their mouth and sucks it whilst humming the star spangled banner, causing the tiny vibration in his or her lips to increase the pleasure induced by roughly 0.000000001%.
1. Oh, normal cars are so hard to get into - the amount of space you get is only 1 metre wide! I'll buy a hummer. And i'll add my kids in there to add more weight so it goes faster and is more fuel efficient.

2. How apt is this - the act of singing the American national anthem while sucking a fat man's cock and making him ejaculate all over your face. God bless America.
by snack88 August 4, 2005
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Sits among the dodge ram and the lincoln navigator as of the most pointless wastes of the world's few resources that was devised by mankind - the off roaders that no one would ever use to go off road (in case chrome bumpers were dented or pearlescent paint scratched). Customers have the curious belief that if you drive one you are MORE likely to be a cool, 'wack', 'blingin' and/or 'sick' member of society. The need to melt the polar icecaps (or indeed do anything that is going to jeopardise the future of mankind) as quickly as possible is a basic instinct of the buyers of this vehicle - and, incidentally, some especially severe sufferers of mental retardation - although it is impossible to say how the two groups are connected.
Check out that wack guy in the hummer. That dude is sick!

Sick? He looks rather healthy to me - apart from his obvious crippling insecurity and a fat to body matter ratio of nearly 100:1.
by snack88 August 16, 2005
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Also: Chavs, Scallies, Townies...

These are the coolest people on earth!!! Actually...nah. Not at all. The opposite. They are all the most uncool people regardless of their personalities, because, lets face it, they don't actually have personalities. The best way to describe them is to say that they only have enough brain cells to accept people who look exactly the same as they do; if they can look at a mirror and then at another human being and see a different person, it confuses them, and they lash out violently at the other person.

For this reason, all chavs look the same, with fake burberry, jewelery and tracksuits. They pay for such extravagances (in their eyes of course) with money stolen from old ladies' handbags and government benifits (since the government are convinced that they should rob from the civilised members of society in order to give to lazy, fat yobs who can't get off their arses for long enough to even learn the english language.
'So I was sittin on me bench, lightenin in hand, and dis bloke just laak looks at me laak y'know, so I gets up and says to 'im "Woot the fock do you think your playin at laak? You staartin wit me laak...' and so the endless accounts of a startlingly similar nature go on until the kevs decide that socialising is too much effort so they go and rob an old lady.
by snack88 May 17, 2005
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