The humanimal is a hybrid of human and animal features, biological characteristics and/or behaviours.
The Wolf Children of Midnapure: feral children found living with wolves in Bengal, India, in 1920. Their eyes, for example, shone blue at night: an humanimal adaptation.
by Bhanu: A Failed Novelist August 21, 2006
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A composite form that permits a larger discourse on the hybrid form. It's also a body that allows you to desire different things than you would do, normally. An invented construction, the humanimal is half you, half something else. Even an angel can be feral. I want a dark angel, and that is why I write books. That is why I expel the fur from the skin, so that the skinned body has a textured aura. If you touch it, it is yours. This is also a definition of capture. The humanimal is a fundamentally undomesticated or untrained figure.
Vladimir Nabakov, Brian Evenson, Rilke, Marguerite Duras, and so on. Their books all have humanimals in them. You can tell because faces aren't quite clear, which implies incaution -- in terms of the contact between characters. I am not interested in the narrator. I am not interested in the writer. I am interested in the figure that is made, deep in writing. In this sense, writing is the forest I walk out of, drenched in the smell of animals. I'm serious. Once, in Dharamsala, a monk ran past us on the steep stone stairs going down to McCleod Ganj. He yelled: "Lion!" And so we turned, and ran, too.
by Bhanu: A Failed Novelist December 3, 2007
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A person that is so in love with their anime charcter that they start to dress up as them and obsess over everything the character does.
It takes the two words human and anime, and applies it to become humanime, while possessing the word human.
Closely resembles humanga.
Guess what their's a comic book convention, and look at all the humanime's!!!
by SlyrDVS March 17, 2007
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Derived from Human Animal Male

Attractive Heterosexual Male

Ladie's Man
Lady "Killer"

The guy all women want sexually.
John is such a Humanimale, I wanna do him!
by Sap December 24, 2004
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Someone who:
Smokes like a dragon
Drinks like a fish
Works like a dog
Is Flat out like a lizard drinking
Is like a deer caught in headlights
Is Stunned like a Mullet
Is Doing the Lions share of work
Is Dealing with issues that gets your goat
Is On a wild goose chase

Is Watching Covid like a Hawk
But overall is still the Cats Meow
by RockitMan March 26, 2020
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