Based on context, could either mean "testicles" or, eggs. However, people tend to be unclear with this at times...
He did not have the huevos to prepare any huevos. Go suck a huevo.
by TooCrooked February 19, 2004
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testicles, balls, nuts, etc. in spanish
by hu-we-vo-z February 26, 2003
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In spanish: A slang term for the word testicles, in english balls. The literal definition in English is eggs, but everyone time is say huevos in my spanish class i get into trouble. (This word is more practical than the english: balls, because of the fact that my testicles are not in the shape of a ball or any sort of nut, but in the shape of an egg..thanks Mexicans!)
Si usted desea el dinero, uno debe aspirar mis huevos

If you want the money, one must suck my eggs(balls, testicles, nuts etc.)
by sonicfast May 17, 2007
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he knows he has to leave, he just doesn't have the juevos to stay in the real world
by Adam Corolla February 23, 2002
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"¿ Vas a pistiar en el Viernes?
"Si! A huevo!"
by xlividx November 3, 2009
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The word means "eggs," but the reference to "balls" is so strong that you have to watch out using the word at all. Polite girls would probably order blanquillos (little white things) from a male waiter.
Huevos son lokin'!.......
by VAKI5 September 20, 2005
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Spanish word that means either egg or testicle.
1. I will eat huevos rancheros (eggs in a burrito).
2. You ain't got one huevo to fight me.
by Rupert Ppkn September 4, 2007
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