Apparently some gringos think this is the Spanish for eggs, since they must have once read “huevos” in their head and what stuck to them was the pronunciation, rather than the spelling of the word.
- Chupa mi juevos

- Ya deja de chingar y aprende a hablar pinche gringo
by t-x-v February 28, 2021
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Spanish for eggs.

Commonly used as slang for balls.
"Juevos Splash, you sexy mother f***er. Juevos Splash; for the man who shaves his juevos."
by Cobrastyle December 14, 2007
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Spanish for suck my dick. Or suck my balls (either or) mostly known by the dominicans.
Mama Juevo Puta!
Cono! Mama Juevo
by Gabrielle Mariano October 25, 2007
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Soft Leather Slouchy Boots that should not be worn by men.
In the 80's groups like Menudo and Debarge were often seen in effeminate clothing...especially Juevo Boots
by Urban Millz November 22, 2010
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While doing a girl doggy style, pull out, spit on her ass, when she looks back bust in her face. hodini
So I was banging this chick doggy style and when I was about to bust, I pulled a dirty juevo backside fakey.
by Chadwick Meriweather III January 26, 2005
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