Greeting, mainly used in Ireland, roughly equivalent to how's it hanging. there are many replys the most common is Grand. It is often followed by noun or adjective.

Can be used as a now describing some unsavoury characters roughly equivalant to scumbags
Ahhhh jaysus Djcinta howya?

Howya bud?

Howya keeping bud?

Look at them bunch of howyas Fionn...

by Jimbo_oc September 14, 2007
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to ask someone if they are ready to do something
howya fixed for a rake a pints
by jasondonnellan October 8, 2011
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When you meet the lads from enniscorthy who you don’t know but are friends with Richie. So you say them ‘Howya brother’.
Howya brother’, Howya foxy brother, where’s sulely sahn?
by a_dumb__boy February 2, 2023
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