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1) With a typical volume of 50-250 ml (2-8 oz), ramekins are common dishes used for serving crème brûlée, Molten chocolate cake, moimoi, cheese dishes, potted shrimps, ice cream, soufflé or scallops or used to serve side garnishes and condiments alongside an entree. Traditionally circular with a fluted exterior, ramekins can also be found in novelty shapes, such as flowers or hearts. Ramekins are built to withstand high temperatures, as they are frequently used in ovens, or in the case of crème brûlée, exposed to the flare of a cooking torch. The name "Ramekin" is shared with the name of a cheese dish including bread crumbs and eggs, and is derived from the German ramken.

2) A young child usually between the ages of 3 months and 11 years exhibiting a compulsion to force or "ram" their head into various objects and structures.
1) "May I have a ramekin of honey mustard with my chicken tenders?"

2) "You should really try to control that little ramekin. He could get a head injury if he keeps ramming his head into concrete walls!"
by Socrates the 410th April 30, 2009
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Some bullshit long winded way of saying 'Small Cup'.
Guy: "I filled up this ramekin with M&Ms and..."
Dude: "wait wait... a what?!"
Guy: "You know... a ramekin... it's like a small cup"
Dude: "Why the fuck didn't you just say 'small cup'?"
by CaptainSteve February 17, 2011
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