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a phrase meaning...."wats up". or it can also be used to initiate a fight.

This is a Bahamian phrase.

John:"how it go jake?"
Jake:"nothin much"
John: "how it go...u gat a problem with me?"
Jake: "carry your light ass...u cant see me"
by HotBoyGunna September 09, 2006
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- a Bahamian colloquial term, which translates to "Whats up?" or "Sup?"
-usually used as a greeting, or, in some cases, to incite a confrontation

The song, "Ha'd Go", by Bahamian rapper Daynez, further popularized the commonly used term throughout the Bahamas.

Pronunciation: Ha'd Go
Person 1"How it go (Ha'd Go) bey? Erryting cool aye?
Person 2 "Yah, right here bey."
by LamarcGasoldridge March 09, 2017
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