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A hilarious show involving five unique characters:

Ted: The main character of the show. He tells his kids the story of how he met their mother. Meaning that the entire show is in the past.

Marshall: The lovable character who always knows what to say.

Lilly: Marshall's fiance. crazy but hilarious and cute all the same.

Barney: The heart of the show. Unbelievably creepy and sex addicted. but definitely the funniest character out there. Kind of like Kramer was in Seinfeld.

Robin: An independent and beautiful woman. The entire first season is about Robin and Ted's "undiscovered love" for each other.
Scene From How I Met Your Mother:

Barney: Then we're gonna meet some ladies, It's gonna be legendary!
Ted: Don't say "legendary" your too liberal with the word "legendary".
Flashback to Barney at Ted's door in a snow suit:
Barney: Ted! we're building an igloo in central park! It's gonna be Legendary! Snow suit up!
Ted slams door in Barney's face.
by Tom Bensley September 20, 2007
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Person 1: "have you seen the legendary tv show how i met your mother"

Person 2: "yer its pretty awesome, lets suit up and go to the bar."
by sexybeastmimsmimsmimsmims August 11, 2009
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Best freaking show ever created by anyone.
Ranks with Big Bang Theory, CSI, and Raising Hope
Person 1 - Did you see How I Met Your Mother last night?

Person 2 - How could I have not!!
by The girl in the woods May 01, 2011
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An amazing TV show about a guy named Ted searching for love, a girl named Robin who is trying to start her career, a couple named Lily and Marshal who want to start a family, and a guy named Barney who likes to bang stupid and careless hoes.
Person 1: Have you seen How I Met Your Mother!

Person 2: Yeah I hear it's legend-dary

Person 1: Okay let's watch it after we get back from Mcclarins

Person 2: This is a monumental event, make sure to suit up

Person 1: But um, I don't like suits their uncomfortable

Person 2: Never say that, it's almost like when you said you don't like lazer tag

Person 1: Wait I almost forgot the mom is ...
by oreoorea May 18, 2016
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A show depicting what adulthood would be like if people never stopped being teenagers.

The day I see presumably well-to-do 20-somethings do a slap-bet, or consider anything to be "legen-wait for it... dary," or god forbid, someone actually follows a bro code past the age of 20, I will give up on humanity.
Wow, SAT prep class sucks! Lets drink that skunked keystone light you stole from your grandpas basement and watch "How I Met Your Mother" tonight! Bro Code Rule #9000 says you need to have flat chips for queso dip and regular salsa must be accompanied with scoops chips, under penalty of a slap bet, LEGENDARY!
by Robert Macgillicuddy November 25, 2011
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Puke-worthy show about five adults who dick around and whine that their lives suck, despite living in an apartment in New York approximately the size of the Taj Mahal. Packed with cheap laughs and lazy storytelling to keep you strung along until nine seasons later when you realize it was all horseshit.
Typical How I Met Your Mother scene

Marshall: Hey, Ted, have you found love yet?
Ted: No, I haven't found anyone as sensitive and introspective as I am.
Barney: I banged a really hot chick last night UHUHUHUHUHUHUH
by IdiNaHui January 12, 2016
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