In a marriage or domestic partnership, the partner who does not work and stays home to take care of the house and the children, if any. Basically housewife, or househusband but without being gender specific.

Useful when speaking in general, or when talking to a couple and you don't who stays home.
It doesn't matter who stays home, the housespouse should have dinner waiting on the table for the working spouse.
by penguinus October 7, 2009
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The male counterpart to the "housewife". Nowadays, in an individualistic, gay world of singles, the common English language is screaming for such a term.
"I am a good housespouse, not a desperate one, who makes his work right."
by Alberto Escudero February 15, 2008
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An update for the times. A significant other that plays the housewife roll without the sexism. The spouse that does the majority of the housework.
I am stuck here working while my husband is away on a hunting trip; I really miss my housespouse!
by Sage Whimsy March 30, 2022
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