A pretty good videogame shooter series made by SEGA. Could have been better if they had decent voice actors.

A shitty movie that bears the same name but has a boring plot, a VERY low budget, useless actors, tons of cliches, and even worse voice acting. Slightly worse than the Final Fantasy movie, which royally sucked too.
If you want House of the Dead, STAY AWAY FROM THE MOVIE! Just play the videogame series instead. At least that has more interaction since you get to shoot the zombies yourself.
by AYB October 31, 2003
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One of the worst Horror movies that was produced in 2000. Features a cast of unknown untalented actors, over used "Bullet Time" sequences, and 15 minutes of BOOBS....Also adding clips of the actuall game "House of the Dead"..yea like theres anything better then watching someone else play games....Do everyone a favor and just show more BOOBs..k.....
by GodofDeath October 20, 2003
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1. The best arcade shooting game of its time. Known for retarded research workers that can't run even when their lives depend on it, and bad voice acting. However, this game does not revolve around the cutscenes (most can be skipped anyway).

2. An incredibly crappy movie that I walked out on.
Time Crisis 3? I don't think so. House of the Dead is right over here.
by Eric July 31, 2004
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show girls of horror movies. this movie is shit.
dont see house of the dead unless you are drunk or on crack.
by big mike the man November 1, 2003
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"People of the AMS... I am Goldman."
Goldman talks like a text-reading computer program. And when that little purplish-flying-guy on stage 1 says 'Suffer like G did,' it sounds like a question.
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 23, 2003
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A term used to describe any game with atrocious voice acting.
This game's story and gameplay are good, but it's voice acting makes it a House of the Dead 2!
by Prof. Goldman February 20, 2010
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