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Starting something suddenly; the opposite of cold turkey.
Sean: "Dude, have you started smoking yet?"
Jeff: "No, but I'll do it soon."
Sean: "Come on, man! You said you'd do it by Thanksgiving and it's past New Year's now."
Jeff: "It's just too hard doing it hot turkey! Maybe I should start chewing Nicorette gum first."

Turk #1: "Have you switched from hot turkey to cold turkey sandwiches yet? It's almost summer here in Turkey and it's getting too hot for hot turkey."
Turk #2: "Yeah, I just quit hot turkey cold turkey in cold Turkey and now I'm starting cold turkey hot turkey in cold Turkey."
Turk #1: "Right on."
by Nicholas D March 17, 2009
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After a hearty indulgence on Thanksgiving, the recepient of the "HTD" lays on their back and places a turkey basting tin on their chest. The giver then hovers above the tin and proceeds to deficate. It is only the Hot Turkey Dinner if it occurs on Thanksgiving Day, if it occurs the next day, it shall be referred to as the Black Friday Brunch.
Who's ready for a Hot Turkey Dinner?
by CACATTACK June 5, 2009
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Janky ass sex with a woman. In order to make a Cold Turkey Sandwhich substitute your live woman with a dead woman.
Greg had a Hot Turkey Sandwhich with Katie, but then afterward had a Cold Turkey Sandwhich with Mother Theresa's corpse.
by Spence January 27, 2005
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The act of eating brown gravy off of your sexual partner. Typically from his/her genetelia.

Particulary common during the holiday season, when gravy is most readily available.

Akin to the "open faced turkey sandwich", which is when you consume brown gravy from his/her anus.
"Your mother prefers that gravy is luke warm before I have my hot turkey sandwich."

This can be a very funny inside joke at the Thanksgiving dinner table.
by braisedporkbelly June 2, 2009
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Jimmy was hot turkey when he decided to fill Principal Welker's car up with large dildos.
by sweeticedtea25 June 4, 2019
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