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A good drink to have before bed when you're feeling sick. Made of lemon tea, honey, and 2 ounces of Bourbon.
Johnny felt like he was comming down with the clap so he had his mom make him a hot tottie to help him relax.
by Huskey Balls April 11, 2006
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Rarely "Hot Tottie", nearly always "Hot Toddy".

Pretty much any intoxicating drink that is served hot. Certain of which are rumored to cure colds and ease flu symptoms.

See Hot Toddy
Marilyn: "Is my snookums feeling bad?"

JFK: "Yes, Mar..."

Marilyn: "I'll whip up a hot tottie that will soothe your throat and have you sleeping in no time!"
by ButtFuzz August 21, 2006
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A good looking African American with a large ass and breast. Who displays one or both of these physical attributes, for the pleasure of others.

The word Hot Tottie is derived from the word Hottentot Venus. Hottentot Venus was an African slave named Saartjie Baartman, who was taken by white Ductch man and exibited all over Britian and France for the pleasure of the white public. Saartjie Baartman had excessively large breast and buttocks. She was the first "vixen".
by Aneari February 13, 2012
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just to let yah know.. HOT TOTTIE is G.W.A.`s word! & this the definition..

Hot Tottie_ NOUN ; A female who`s always actin thirsty and calls herself a "dime" but in reality is busted? gettin flipped? rockin a i205 or some ekco? smellin musty? u-g-l-y? all of the above? thought so.
theres no example needed.. when you see a hot tottie, you`ll just know unless.. YOU`re a Hot Tottie, too! & in that case.. TAXAAAY!! GET YO ASS OUTTA HERE!
by member #3 of GWA August 08, 2004
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