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A town in south-central Arkansas, United States. Approx. 33,000 residents 95% of whom are white. Lots of old retired folks who wear stupid hats, get in the way of skateboarding, and eat stinky rueben sandwiches at the racetrack every week.
Other than those facts; is the also the most beautiful town in America. Has been named One of America's best Small Arts Town several years consecutively. Is in the tri-lakes area of Lake Hamilton, Lake Ouachita and Lake Catherine. Also close to Degray Lake.

Has the best downtown EVER, beautiful bathhouses, sweet art galleries, and the best eccentric and friendly folk.
Some awesome shit in Hot Springs; bathhouses, pristine lakes, Arlington Hotel, Brauhause, great schools and really hot chicks especially Livvey.
Noun: also used in reference to compare lesser towns.
Madison, Wisconsin is a nice college town, but it is no Hot Springs.
by chakachan87 March 05, 2010
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