the art of selling out not exatly being an artist at hot topic but the general idea of making your merch cost so much more


to be used jokingly to some one to refer to them as a poser
GUY1: "man i just bought the newest greatest band shirt for only 20 bucks!"
GUY2: "man, you are so hot topic-core"
by Kregg October 15, 2003
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Definition given to a band who used to be decent, then sold out completely and ends up releasing overproduced albums which are shit in comparison. Also refers to bands who's goal just seems to sell a ton of merch and being featured at Hot Topic instead of their music.
Hey dude, you like Black Veil Brides? Nah. they turned to Hot Topic-core crap after being signed.
by _nitro August 09, 2011
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An umbrella term for all -core bands utilized in order to prevent confusion when discussing said bands and their detrimental effect on music everywhere.
Guy 1: "Man, all these deathcore, metalcore, shitcore, applecore, gymcore bands... they're really crapping on music these days."

Guy 2: "I hear ya. There are too many to keep up with. I believe there's a general term for that music: 'hot topic-core'. Works perfectly to describe all bands who play that stuff if you ask me and any other sane person."

Guy 1: "I can not find any logical inconsistencies in your argument, good sir."
by Keeper of the Seven Keys July 03, 2011
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