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While it's popular to refer to various commercial nu metal and emo bands (as well as some non-commercial punk bands) as shitcore, shitcore as a genre is actually something quite different. It's a pretty self-deprecating and no-fi form of underground music (some of the only real underground music there is currently) that is deliberately awful and humorously pathetic, often created with (or with the help of) shitty computer programs. There are ACTUALLY subgenres within shitcore, ranging from shitgrind to shit rap even, and the lyrics are often obsessed with coprophilia, gay sex, murder, suicide, pedophilia, Hitler, and anything else that can be blatantly offensive, stupid, politically incorrect, or all-around gross.
Examples of shitcore include 50 Ways To Kill Me, Suicidal Rap Orgy, Hitlerbuttsecks, and Kitten Felcher (of which I am a member myself -- good for me, I get an air biscuit).
by CinemateryKyle March 10, 2009
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An esoteric music genre (if you can even call it that) that is easily identified by large BPM fluctuations, sudden and loud noises, kick drums, screaming/nonsense vocals, and typically very exceptional lyrics or subject matter. Noise Wiki also notes poor/nofi instrumentation. While some think of this as noise, shitcore manages to blur the line between noise and music. Music artists like Passenger of Shit could be an excellent example of shitcore. There isn't a real way to describe it without listening to it, so listen at your own discretion. Say bye to your ears.
Shitcore is not a shit genre. Dont @ me.
by EdgyDabs420 January 16, 2018
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A genre of music, closely related to Nu-metal. It is difficult to objectively describe this genre without sounding like a complete cock-wad, so it is probably better to just list some band names instead.
Shitcore bands:
Linkin Park
Papa Roach
(Insert name of band that is a corporate piece of shit designed by some office dwelling record company executive to appeal to your average teenage idiot who is oblivious to what real music is.)
by o RevelatioN o May 19, 2008
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A term used to describe a large variety of modern hardcore/metalcore/deathcore bands who put more thought into T-shirt slogans than they do to a whole album's worth of music. Such bands may have whole albums composed entirely of open note/1st fret breakdowns, rarely venturing from the lowest 2 strings except to emit a discordant screech on the highest 2 strings (see Emmure). These bands are more concerned with appearing "swag" or "hench" than writing an interesting song or two, with the only memorable part of a shitcore song being a violent/misogynistic threat or challenge yelled during a brief pause, eg; FUCK YOU, DIE SLUT, FUCKING DIE YOU SLUT, etc. This phrase will usually appear on the band's merch interspersed with one or more uses of the word "fucking" to highlight how "fucking" serious they are about whatever it was they said. Shitcore bands often confuse excessively low tunings and mashing of open strings for heaviness or talent, often employing 7 or 8 string guitars for low tunings. It should be noted though that said bands often only use these for bragging purposes to their teenage fans, as they only ever use 2 or 3 strings for 99% of their playing. Shitcore is what happens when a mediocre band meets a stupid audience and has a large following all over the world.
Prima: Hey man, have you heard the new asking alexandria album? it's hench as fuck!
Secunda: *listens* this whole album is a fucking breakdown, my 14 year old cousin could write better songs, take your shitcore somewhere else.
Prima: You just can hack the breakdowns mate *walks off*
Secunda: right-o *puts the Black Dahlia Murder on Ipod*
by LiftFart November 08, 2011
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