4 definitions by evil gym sock

A jug hustler is a seismic crew worker, one who hauls geophones into place.
Tim and Bob worked one summer as jug hustlers.
by evil gym sock January 13, 2023
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An Urban Dictionary neologism is a made-up word to get listed an item in the Urban Dictionary.
Jack is a source off Urban Dictionary neologisms so that he can sound erudite; but he sounds only faux erudite at best.
by evil gym sock January 7, 2023
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The Tuscumbia hot and trot is a mild aphrodisiac taken on Prom Night to “help things along.”
Mandy was a little timid for her date with Mark, so she took a little Tuscumbia hot and trot, plus a vaginal lubricant.a
by evil gym sock January 25, 2023
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If someone is sorta truthful, he or she states information that is factual but leaves out messy or embarrassing details.
Melissa was sorta truthful about her relationship: she would let him feel her up but not penetrate.
by evil gym sock August 3, 2022
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