The horse tail is the action a woman makes when an unwanted appendage (finger or penis) is about to enter her rectum. The horse tail comes out exclusively during doggy style intercorse. While in position, she will wildly swing back one arm to swat the unwanted appendage from entering. It resembles a horse's tail swatting flies of its ass.
I tried to take this chicks ass last night, but her horse tail came out and thwarted my attempts!
by philthy rich April 7, 2007
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When a girl lets the hair around her anus grow out to a much too lengthy length, thus resembling the tail of a horse!
I tried to go down on Peggy last night but her horse's tail kept tickling my chin!
by bob2468 December 22, 2009
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The act of placing a short broom in your partners anus and riding them around much like a horse.
My wife was never really fond of the old Horse Tail, i usually only got it on birthdays.
by R.U. June 25, 2003
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a sexual fetish in which someone inserts the handle of a whip in their anus, and deep throats a long cylindrical slab of pineapple. At this point, the "horse" attempts to inflict pleasurable pain upon their partner or partners while wildly thrashing around.
Co-worker: what happened last weekend, your face looks like a mess?
Me: my wife is surprisingly nimble in performing the hawaiian horse tail.
by JDMLOWLIFE October 11, 2018
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