The act of quickly eating large amounts of junkfood, fastfood, random snack foods, or any other tasty delights.
Keith: Damn Brie I'm feeling a sushi horfing session!
Brie: Fuck yeah lets finish horfing this easy cheese and ritz crackers first.
Keith: Word
by k&bexperience August 20, 2009
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Throwing up, vomiting. Usually in large quantities.
"Boy, he horfed all over the floor!"
by Athene Airheart March 15, 2004
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extreme vomiting
exorcist vomiting
aggressive barfing
fully opened mouth projectile uncontrollable barfing
"I can't listen to her voice because it makes me want to horf"
"I horfed so hard it made it to the other side of the room"
"He got food poisoning and was horfing all night"
by Mergom November 21, 2013
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when you stuff food into your mouth too quickly and have to spit it back out
dude that's sick! you just horfed all that food into your mouth at once!
by noobluver123 June 26, 2011
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an expretion of laughter.
generally used in IM sessions.
used in situations where "lol" would normally suffice.
Horf Horf!
You're a laugh riot Diddy.
by Emperor Diddy July 14, 2004
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