cheap, beat up car - originated with a dude named hoopty in dc who ran a used car lot. lots of young dudes there got their first car (cheap and beat up) from hoopty
by Anonymous July 09, 2003
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A busted ass car with a bumper atached with wire thats put on wrong so you cant open the hood to replace the brake fluid and you have to drive using the emergency brake.Also the muffler is so loud you need to drown with the "stereo" that is probably worth more than the car.
Lisas car is a friggin hoopty
by dlfhgasruioghqwouier January 18, 2007
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any vehicle that is in such bad shape that it defies all laws of physics that it even is operable. When taken to the quickie oil change place, the manager tells you to keep the oil and change the car!
Hey Larry, you still drivin' that hoopty?
by bamacuda July 10, 2008
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Politically correct synonym for "ghetto cruiser" and/or "pimpmobile". Other synonyms: barge, boat, land yacht, tank, tuna boat. Usually in reference to large late model (1989 and earlier) domestic luxury cars, sometimes in poor condition.
That hoopty is falling apart; it needs a lot of work.
by Tim Bessler July 27, 2003
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1. A large, broke ass, white, 86 Lincoln Town car, with dear horns on the grill and cat paw prints so dense you can't see out the rear window. Driven by a hillbilly with white hair, who worships Willy Nelson. Usually is missing one or more license plates, and hasn't been inspected in at least 3 years. Comes complete with a broken am/fm radio with superglued on knobs, a "singing" steering column that sounds like a gay tweeter bird, and an inexplicable smell iminating from the interior, like a mix between old cheese from 1991, an excess of cats and dogs, and tamales which have been carted around to pay rent. Embarrasing to drive.
2. An automobile that is so long and top heavy that it rocks when you turn too quick.
3. Something you would call a car that belongs to someone you truly dispise, but really envy.
1. Bob: "That car is almost 20 years old. It smells like tamales.
Joe: "Ya, It's a hoopty."
2. "We're gonna end hanging off the bridge if you don't fucking stop taking sharp turns."
Joe: "What a hoopty, fucker."
by ms.ash December 07, 2005
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Used to decsribe any item that is in poor condition, of poor quality, or outdated.
"My dad bought the most hoopty TV you can get"
by Disco Stu February 06, 2005
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