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a place or state of economic prosperity and happines
"Afta I get the big bonus my boss promised I'll be in fat city"
by Boba June 23, 2004
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several swears mixed together in a group from blind rage.
This game is so crafunckinnigbast and so are you!
by Boba October 17, 2004
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Verb. To enlarge, inflate.
"She'll probably get hitched when she gits enbiggened"

"She certainly has an enbiggebed opinion of herself"
by Boba June 22, 2004
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a hoopty is a car with very big speakers -ALWAYS metal flake paint (lime green usually). 4 dr. '95 Lincoln is a classic example. sometimes Lowered, may bounce, 19 or 20" rims. Back window has large letters tht are difficult to read as they are in old english -all caps.
"My posse dissen me cause my hoopty be dragging. Know what I'm saying"
by Boba June 21, 2004
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