Any car that is old, raggedy or has been made ricey by using cheap add-ons such that can be found at Pep-boys or Murrays.

Typical ghetto cruisers display the use of multiple style hub caps, broken suspension/windows and typically have at least twice the value of the car into the stereo system....which is hacked together and sound like crap.

Ghetto cruisers tend to be driven by an invisible man. The driver sits to the side against the B pillar. Yeah, cuz thats comfortable. You dumb ass.
by MDZ February 4, 2004
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A large, round butt.

syn: juicy backside, badonkadonk,
gotta get those tight leggin's to show off my ghetto cruiser!
Dang!!! check out the ghetto cruiser on that chick!
by carephx January 12, 2022
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