White dudes trying to be black, involves bling bling and wheels on shoes

Maritza and Mike are fine examples og wiggaz
by Rhianon November 02, 2005
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A person of white decent portraying themselves as an African American. Typically, a gangster.
"yo was sup my nig! Brandon Bunch in the hizzzzouse!!!! Bling bling" Said the disturbed white male to his group of wiggaz.

"Look at that big group of wiggaz, why don't they stop trying to act so black?" Said Justin
by Raxter December 12, 2007
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More then one Wigga/Wigger in a concentrated area.

You can spot these guys easily by the colors they wear. They usually like to wear baby blue, bright blue, orange, yellow and bright red south pole, g-unit or fubu clothing. They like to wear doo-rags or wave caps like the type african americans wear.
Guy 1: Hey did you see those crazy looking white guys? They were wearing fubu and had wave caps on, haha.

Guy 2: Yea man, thats what we like to call "Wiggaz" where I'm from.

Guy 1: Did you just say "Wiggaz"? Ahaha, good one man.
by DGtheGreat February 11, 2008
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