when you have to walk because you are too broke to have another mode of transportation.
i was "hoofin it" the whole way across pgh because my ride is in the shop.
by ginbra con quina March 7, 2011
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another term for run or sprint.
Oh, here comes an angry mob. We better start hoofin' it if we want to live.
by Hawthrone September 9, 2008
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sarah: she not even that pretty

brandon: nahh u hoofin
by akhoofer December 31, 2021
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Tim: Last night was a blast man, you should have come with!
Eric:What was so fun about it?
Tim: Me and the boys went out hoofing.
Eric: why are you guys always beating up people?
Tim: We like to scrap I guess.
by Johnny Davison February 16, 2010
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Used when describing a member of the opposite sex that is either fat, or unattractive.
"Holy shit, that girl is hoofin'! Yeah we better man the harpoons real quick"

"I got drunk last night and had sex with this girl that was hoofin' real bad"
by Jenko Iz Legend August 31, 2008
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Best dog ever and he will always stick by ur side. Loyal, crazy, mind of his own, and smart. Sometimes...
That dog is SO Franklin J Hoofin!
by #MaddieIsHere October 28, 2016
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1. Throwing a lot of grenades, especially in gaming situations.

2. Tripping out; often in relation to drugs or alcohol
Me and my brother were playing halo and hoofin grannies at each other.

Dude this gear is intense. I’m hoofin grannies!
by daltana April 8, 2018
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