the time when girls want hoodies from boys, especially a boy they are in love with (whether the boy knows it or not)
"Hoodie season and I'm tryna wear yours"
by fjdsuingirbfnvurjgoeo September 24, 2018
A season were girls take there boyfriends hoodie and never give it back. Or A season of hoodies
Its hoodie season
by ElWinter October 17, 2017
that time of the year (usually in the fall) where it's cold enough to wear a hoody but not cold enough to warrant wearing anything heavier (like a coat)

Hoody Season lasts longer for some people than others. it can even last throughout the whole winter. it depends on the place
I'm getting ready for Hoody Season!
by RDD57 September 10, 2010
Wearing a hoodie with the intent to carry a handgun
It's hoodie season, they best check the forecast
by Tsavboy January 21, 2020
Hoodie season is December in till the end of it and it’s a chance to take your boyfriend hoodie
Hoodie season
by Ashley Ortiz December 10, 2019
Wen jah side ting steal her mandems hoody foe u tu due triflin shit wit it
It’s hoody season for that simp ass trick
by $hovie Groovy December 14, 2020
Don't disturb hoodie season is the time where your girlfriend can't ask for your hoodie because it is getting colder then Santa's North pole
Girlfriend:can I have your hoodie I'm cold
Boyfriend: hell no it's don't disturb hoodie season and it's cold as fuck
Girlfriend: ....
by Colton bass November 22, 2019