n. A hooded sweatshirt. Some hoodies have zippers, but most do not.

Not to be confused with oodee.
Val says she subscribes to the Hoodie Theory.
by The Grammar Nazi November 13, 2001
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A sweatshirt with a hood and normally a large pocket at the front, which is useful for storing sweets, washing pegs, and ipods, as well as keeping the hands warm. It is shower/ drizzle proof and is therefore popular with people who dislike carrying umbrellas, because of its accessible hood. This very comfortable, practical garment can be worn by both genders and all ages. Guide to how to wear it:
>75F-Round your waist
65-75F with shorts
45-65F with trousers, preferably jeans
<45F under a coat
I was getting cold just sitting in the shade, so I put my hoodie on.
by Annonnimoose February 26, 2008
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The penultimate article of clothing. Following the lead are jeans.

Hoodies are another name for "hooded sweatshirt." While all hoodies sport stomach pockets, some hoodies are zipped and some aren't. Does it matter? It shouldn't.
"d00d, ph33r t3h NiNj4 h00di3."
by [str33t NiNj4] December 27, 2003
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A word used to ask someone what is going on, or to state that something is good. Word originates from early Mac-istonians, which were said to have been a backwoods clan in the 1800's, of village men and women suffering from mental disabilities, and used the term to describe how their deer hunting adventures went that day.
Yo whats hoodie?

Yo Ds nuts is so not hoodie right now.

Goeller's frog kicks are so hoodie.

Yo Button, tryna get hoodie n lurk on Facebook?
by Ill tread on you October 07, 2011
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Vulgar slang for an uncircumcised penis, primarily used in the Midwestern United States.
No girl wants to go out with Shane because he has a hoodie.
by XXXFG23 March 02, 2017
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An article of clothing, very comfortable and practical. Also used by fat girls and fat guys to hide all that fucking fat, seriously. Almost every fat person I've meet that tries to act "sexy" wears a hoody to make themselves look more appealing. Maybe it's just me.

A nice pouch at the front that can be used to hide/keep several things, legal or not. Unlike sweaters and just about any other form of clothing for the winter, hoodies take less than 5 seconds to put on (same goes for women HOLY SHIT).

Many believe that your a poser/criminal if you wear one. Mind you, these are the same type of people who view everything stereotypically. Hoodie? Obviously you must be a poser gangsta wanna be or a criminal. You like how it looks? NO FUCKING WAY, theres no such thing as liking an article of clothing. It MUST be because your a poser.

(they label everything I tells yeah)

that's not to say it isn't actually worn by SOME posers.

"Not black? So all black people act a certain way? Please continue with your non stereotypical views"


by Shakezoola October 16, 2006
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Primitive tribal clothing item commonly seen in large quantities around street corners, public toilets and McDonald's Restaurants in town centres up and down Britain, and almost certainly in any recently-stolen car. Consists of sweater-like top with hood, designed primarily to shield the wearer from CCTV cameras, store detectives, police patrols, and others who might seek to violate the wearer's precious Human Rights(tm) by prosecuting them for theft or possession of controlled substances. Often worn in conjunction with thick-brimmed baseball cap, acne, and a fixed, slack-jawed expression.
Example 1:
"Can you describe the mugger, madam?"
"Yes, officer. He was gangly, with pasty complexion and spots, wearing a hoodie, baseball cap, baggy tracksuit bottoms, white trainers, gold sovereign rings and a thick gold chain. Also he looked a bit backward."
"Unfortunately that doesn't narrow it down very much, madam."

Example 2:
"Man, f'n gerraht 'ere, yeh? Ge'tcha f'n hoodie, yeh? Ga'hn twoccin' innit?"
by Shkval March 31, 2006
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