The mexican way of saying police or pigs
Hey chewy
book it the hooda is comeing and put u back in jail,
by kevin melendez April 05, 2008
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Mexican "hood rat", usually from the brown side of town.
Mira esta hooda con su pinche giros.
by wreckamundo June 27, 2005
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a green toast shaped animal starring in the website '' created by Michael Edlavitch. Is also used as a derogatory term, saying that the other person is green and toast shaped.
You're a burnt hooda drug.
by meatinabush November 29, 2020
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Hooda is super sweet, funny, and fun to hang out with. She can get upset at times, but it’s okay. Her smile is super bright and her laugh can make even the saddest person on earth giggle or even laugh. Overall, Hooda is someone to never forget, and will be friends with you for a lifetime.
Omg! It’s Hooda! SHES MY BEST FRIEND!!! And none of y’all are gonna get her! Hehehehe
by Riyray June 15, 2019
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The Fine girls that work at the restraunt known as "Hooters".
Damn, look at that Hooda, She is fine!
by Snaggle-B October 05, 2003
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As in, the right place to learn math while playing cool games.
by Hooda July 10, 2008
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Aditya Hooda is a character from the series Bepannaah portrayed by Harshad Chopda.

Aditya Hooda, the sun ― the superior most celestial entity, the cynosure of existentiality, one that proves to be true to his name in every way.

The emanator of the ray ― the ray of light that blinds but also irradiates; the ray of heat that burns but also solidifies; the ray of challenge, that strikes even the most delicate of living beings; creeping through the deepest, unexplored crevices of the being, he awakens its tiniest atomic bits, teaches it to withstand, to survive, to act and to react. He helps it discover, its inner genius.
Aditya Hooda
by stealyourmuse May 11, 2019
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