variant of honkey, honky, and honkie

used as a term of endearment amongst whites
Hey honker, I am still awake because my homework isn't done.
by Stefanie November 8, 2004
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"So I saw a bunch of honkers--" "what the fuck is a honker?" "... geese, man."
by Chronos_101 September 19, 2006
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A dinorsaur. First used in the comic book, Turok, Son of Stone. Native americans discover a lost world of dinosaurs.
Look out, Turok, there's a big-ass honker after you.
by Rastus Fuzzbottom September 22, 2004
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People who play Heros of Newerth who constantly feel the need to toot their own horn.
Stop being such a HONker
by kevlaur January 11, 2010
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A strong beer, usually Belgian, which makes one drunk rather fast
Have you tried that Duvel? 8.5% - it's a honker!
by LewisUK1983 September 11, 2005
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Honkers, otherwise known as Hong Kong Protesters. They are a group of protestors (babies) who fight for no reason, they have no clue what they are fighting for, and if angry, they would hit a police officer. If the police officer rebels, or even touches them, they shall fall over and cry and scream in pain.
Did you see those honkers, I can't believe they are in their 20s, yet they all have a maturity level of a three year old.
by Earth person 1212 October 2, 2019
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turd of gigantic proportions, causing much pain and discomfort
screaming..... this is a corn honker of a turd!!!
by katotool December 9, 2007
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