In the age of outhouses, the honey pot was the pot one would urinate in if they didn't fee like going outside to the outhouse.
There was a blizzard, so Henry decided to use the honey pot instead of freezing his ass off.
by ZIG January 4, 2005
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A sweet tasting source of the nectar of the gods.

See: alcove, bat cave, bear trap, bearded clam, bearded taco, beaver, bermuda triangle, box, bucket seat, cake, chuff box, cockpit, cooch, coochie, coochie-pop, coose, cooter, cooze, crack, crawl space, cum depository, cum dumpster, cuntcake, cunt, cunny, donut, dripping delta, felted mound, fillet-o-fish, finger hut, fish, fish taco, front bum, fly catcher, fuckhole, furburger, garage, gash, gates of Heaven, golden doorway, Grand Canyon, growler, hair pie, hatchet wound, heaven's door, hole, honey cave, hot box, jaws of Hell, lobster pot, loins, loose meat sandwich, lotus, love box, love canal, lower lips, meat wallet, muff, nooch, nook, nookie, parking spot, peach, pearly panty gates, pocket, poon, poontang, purse, pussy, quiff, quim, rat trap, scratch, sheath, slash, slit, snapper, snatch, space, split, stench trench, tampon socket, temple, thingy, tool shed, tuna, tunnel, twat, undercut, vagina, vertical smile, wishing well, whisker box, womb, x, yoni
Bother, said Pooh, as he realized he no longer had a honey pot to nuzzle his face in.
by T. J. October 30, 2003
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He spread her legs to get a better view of her honey pot.
by Draconio February 6, 2003
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the profuse art of sticking ones finger in a females vagina
me got no idea what profuse means but i make me sound smart
by CANADA PRIDE January 22, 2005
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a pot of honey. duh.
the bear ate it's honey pot full of honey. it did not eat a vagina.
by the puffy bear October 16, 2009
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The testicular sack, when heavy and swollen with saline, which is injected for this effect.
I can't return the movies because I have a huge honey pot on.
by cloudstrife69 November 9, 2007
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