1. The act of taking a shit.
2. Describing a massive dump.
After eating that huge burrito, a hondo is in order.

I think I just took the worlds fastest hondo (appropriate for use after a case of diahreaha).
by Hondo King August 10, 2007
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1. An old John Wayne movie
2. someone who behaves like a cowboy, ie: sees what he or she wants and takes it, roadtrips in the middle of the night, is otherwise crude in manner
Maybe that trip to Wisconsin took so long because we left in the middle of the night like a couple of Hondos.

I know how you like other people's boyfriends...you Hondo.
by Amy & Alfonso December 26, 2005
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to act like one is still in high school after graduating; wearing a letter jacket, t-shirt, or high school class ring at college; attending a high school sporting event after graduating and sitting in the student section; dating high school girls after one has graduated
Did you see Danberry at the game on Friday? What a hondo loser.
by gutrock February 10, 2005
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slang for a hundred dollar bill, popularised by Richard Rawlings of Fast N' Loud
Richard: The problem is Sue, i only carry hondos

Sue: Cheap ass monkey
by Tomahawk March 19, 2016
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San Francisco drug dealers of Honduran descent, who live in Oakland and take Bart to set up shop in Mass numbers throughout the western half of the tenderloin (TL) and Market St, now even inching into SOMA bet 7th and 9th streets.

With mouthfuls of crack, heroin and meth dimes, they utter things like " hey my boy, u need something?" And " I got stuff perro". They are under the sanctuary City act and with the county jail holding people on drug offenses for only a few days, they capitalize on the ever growing drug epidemic in the Civic center vicinity, a mecca for tweakers, crackheads, and heroin/fentanyl junkies, where they all become thieves by day to sell goods toexicans and buy dope from the nearest "Hondo".
Go-to the Hondo with the beanie on, he's got fire fent and his dubs are fat.
by SFBman415 March 24, 2019
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