A latin prefix meaning single or same. Commonly, yet mistakenly shortened from homosexual, which means same sex.
Homographs are pairs of words that are spelled the same but are used differently in context.
by Shawn November 15, 2004
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1. a derogatory word for gay/queer people.

2. a term that has been reclaimed by some gay/queer communities that is used affectionately between community members to mean someone wonderfully, sublimely gay.
1. did you see those two punks kissing? what homos.

2. guy: "i love lillies, and soccer players."
fellow queer says: "you're my favorite homo"
by anwigh May 09, 2006
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Tom: Goodnight Sweetie<3
Joe: Goodnight Sweets<3
Lauren: Did you see Joe and Tom are married again?
Ashley: Yeah, what HOMO's
by aj18 February 07, 2010
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Homos bi Tahini
chick-pea sesame oil sauce
an appetizer dip
Homos is a great appetizer for nachos and veggies.
by victoria g February 10, 2005
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