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An exclamation, much like "Holy Shit!", but more offensive, which is good.
"Holy Fuck, that fart must have had 75 Hobo Power!"
by none of yer dam bidness December 20, 2003
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An expressions of extreme shock, surprise or anything related.
Similar to what the fuck! but can be used in a more positive manner.
Bill wins the grand prize of the lottery and shouts "HOLY FUCK!" as he completely didn't expect to win. He is filled with surprise and joy.
by Z-Shadow-Z October 30, 2008
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a holy fuck is an event when a priest and a nun meet up for a fuck
on pornhub i found a video of a holy fuck
by ksiisapussy December 24, 2016
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A fuck so good, even Jesus appreciates that shit.
a form of extreme disgust or disapproval.
gf - holy fuck that was good.
bf - yup
gf- holy fuck, youre an idiot.
bf - stfu i didnt mean to
by batmanislove666 April 01, 2015
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An exclamation of overly hot sauce usually made with naga chillies ,
Holyfuck the ribmans sauce has set my mouth on fire,
by Mainiesman November 24, 2013
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