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That deep blue funk that occurs after your vacation is over and you have to return to work for another 50 weeks.
There's not enough caffeine in this office coffee to fight my holidrawl after two weeks of vacation.
by Dadmack August 06, 2009
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Depression caused by the lack of a holiday to party about for at least a one-month period. Typically occcurs between St. Patrick's Day and Memorial Day in the US and also during the month of August when holidrawl is present between 4th of July and Labor Day.
Date: April 26th

Dear Diary;

I'm in such holidrawl that I can't think of anything else to tell you! *flips back to entries from St. Patty's Day and cries hysterically*
by Sid Barrett March 30, 2008
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Adapting one's speech patterns to match the local accent while on holiday.
Oh man, I spent two weeks in Austin this summer and ended up with such a holidrawl. Took me a week to talk normally again.
by tsuphysicsprof August 04, 2009
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