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A 'Shuggy" or a "Shug" is a word used to describe a man that is a legend and a shagger. These men are usually greater than God himself. They also typically hang around with 16 year olds.
"That man is a Shuggy"
"You are a Shuggy"
"That was a Shug moment"
by PRJ_2002 April 01, 2019
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A shuggy person is someone who dresses somewhat like a hippy. Their clothes are layered and dirty, and their hair is usually long and greasy. Usually a "Shuggy" person will have poor personal hygiene - with dirty fingernails, bad skin, and bags under their eyes covered by dark sunglasses. Many street musicians dress in shuggy fashion to keep out the cold. A lot of shuggy people smoke roll up cigarettes and therefore have yellowed fingers.
"Urgh look at this shuggy, coughing his lungs up as he plays stairway on his acoustic guitar."
by Wolfey1 November 17, 2013
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