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The most literal sense of the expression "hog heaven" is a filthy pig sty with plenty of fresh slop on which to feed. Thus the pigs would be just about as happy as they could be.

People extend this idea to other, perhaps less filthy, situations. I've often heard people say someone was in hog heaven for just about any serendipitous occurrence.
So he walks in and finds a bathtub full of whiskey. Man, he was in hog heaven!
by smenjas March 17, 2010
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For gay men, an phrase to describe extreme enjoyment of dirty or kinky sex. There is a Dick Wadd video by that name.
He was licking ass and getting butt-fucked and sucked at the same time while another man was rubbing cum on his belly. He was on hog heaven.
by eje211 April 28, 2007
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