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It's a hoe that looks like a muffin.

This would be considered a dis.
Lauren is a hoemuffin!!

FO SHO!!!!
by Kimmy poo April 16, 2009
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When someone is really sweet, but a hoe, and you don't want to call them a hoe in a mean way.
Jessica, that's the 4th hook up you had in 2 days.. you're such a hoe muffin!
by Lil' Mikee August 17, 2008
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Someone who is sweet, yet slutty.
A very nice person, with a great personality, but is still a little hoe.
When a woman is nice, but sleeps with three different guys in one night.
"She's really nice, but she slept with those other guys after her date with her boyfriend, what a hoemuffin."
by thisnigga3169 August 01, 2013
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