1. fucks anything with a penis, vagina, or both. whatever floats their boat, easy to get in the sack
2. very sexual and forward towards men...and women
3. successful at selling herself on the streets (hoes gotta make a living somehow)
4. can be employed by a pimp
Girl #1: What are you up to tonight?
Girl #2: Oh you know, the usual. Gonna hoe it up on the streets tonight. GET MONEY. GET PAID.

Guy #1: Yoo, I'm hitting up NY this weekend.
Guy#2: Sweet! I met this Asian chick there last month from NYU. Bagged her in 10 minutes, what a hoe.
Guy#1: Nice!!!
by fignuttons November 07, 2009
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the phenomenon that occurs when you look at a digital clock upside-down at 3:04. This exact time of day is referred to as "hoe."
student 1: dude, its hoe
student 2: hoe, sweet
student 3: HOE!!!!
teacher: HEY! KNOCK IT OFF!
by dkskd September 05, 2006
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Someone who has mastered the art of...
- using their body to make a living; GET MONEY. GET PAID.
- sleeping around with numerous men/women, whatever works for them; basically being easy
- presenting themselves as a very sexual being
Man #1: Dude, went to NYU last weekend and met this hoe there. I didn't even have to ask, she just jumped on me. But afterwards she stole my wallet...I had $500 in there.
Man#2: Wow, that's rough. That hoe be smart.
by blacksnacks November 07, 2009
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A term used for "whore", its really "whore" but black accent made it sound like "hoe".
This place is full of hoes
by djoaniel August 15, 2005
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a bitch who constantly flirts with any nigga they come in contact with, meaning in person, twitter, facebook or any social network.

constantly post and tweets pictures of them selfs to get attention from men
flirts with every male contact in their cellular phone

occasionally claims to be lesbian

constantly lies, never tells the truth and will do anything to get some dick

a hoe claims to be classy but is really trashy, she claims to not talk to any duded yet shes texting the whole west coast, she likes being single so she can be a hoe.
damn hoe, who dont you flirt with on twitter?

me and all my niggas already fucked that hoe

aye she a real hoe, she keep flirtin wit all my niggas
by not a hoe tho March 27, 2012
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Truthfully, a hoe is simply a person of status that is unoriginal and depends on orignal inspiration from original people; people otherwise know as supreme beings, or even pimps for that matter. Sexuality is only part of this equation. Hoes do what they're told, these types of pimps do what they must, and everyone is satisfied in the end. Such is the way of human diversity.
*In Comedic Overtones*

"Yo, my O.G. (Original God/Gangsta) got so many hoes (85'ers)gettin' his money, he finna rule da world soon!"

Some bad blak mutha fucka, who keeps it live
by Realized7 February 22, 2007
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A girl who sends nudes and to anyone and will do anything to get with any guy at any given time. A hoe might dress a certain way to get attention from a guy (see though leggings, thongs).
Sam, stop acting like a hoe 24/7 your making yourself look desperate af.
via giphy
by Vanessa Martin October 31, 2017
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