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a word used as a friendly insult towards your friends ;or a rude comment to that chick you hate.
1. your friend flirts with the guy who obviously wants you, so she's a hoe face.
ex. " jessica you hoe face, he doesnt want you."

2. the girl you hate walks by, looking better than you in the shirt your wearing.
ex. " that bitch has my shirt on, fucking hoe face."
by marissa =] June 22, 2008
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Slang for BFF or Best friends Forever

Also a best friend thats "a little too close"
Dylan: Hey whats up?

Nichole: Wanna be my hoeface?

Dylan: sure!!!

Nichole: BFF!!!!
by Thunder Sampson August 20, 2009
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A noun/verb
1: to confront a penis with injection in the mouth impudently

2 a: to suck a dick with a set of hoe lips especially with a different dixk all the time
b: to cover the front of a hoes mouth with multiple dicks

3: to meet face-to-face with multiple dick or in competition with another Hoeface

4 a: to stand or sit with the face toward different dick's

5 a: to recognize and suck as much dick as possible
b: to master by confronting/sucking allot of dick

6: to have as a prospect (*runner-up): be confronted by an option of penis's

ex: "suck a dick you Hoeface"

"Swallow that dick Hoeface"

"baby, I want you to take it like a Hoeface"

"Nicole sucked up 7 different guys at the BBQ; what a Hoeface".
by ESPEAG July 10, 2008
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Yet another twisted form of endearment, usually given to a girl who a guy is best friends with.
Guy: Hey hoe face. Miss ya around here, hows it going?

Girl: I'm fine, you loser.
by Carleigh135 February 22, 2010
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A nonsensical insult, often used as a term of endearment among friends.
(Gesturing towards facial region) "You got a little... you got a little hoe... on your face... HOE FACE!"
by The Elise November 05, 2010
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