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Horny Net Geek
People looking for sex or cybersex online
Someone ban that lame HNG!
by Hapster October 19, 2003
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Hng is a noise which represents a multitude of emotions, mostly feelings of boredom and dullness. It is a very flexible adjective.

It is a noise which sounds phonetically like ngaaa which has to be very nasal in nature.
- "Hey Ben, that was a great film, no?"

- "Hng"
by Brapasaurus October 04, 2011
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This word is undefinable. However undefinable, it still depicts a face of great anger, concentration and power. This word releases billions of win.
by DannyHumphreys December 03, 2008
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A girl who joins a new school and is unimaginably irresistibly hot and new
Hey HNG... are you ready for the bukkake session tonight?!
by S.J.V.H.N.G July 15, 2011
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a loser tard who netsex0rs and tries to score when s/he has no game. old ass phuckers are always trying to hit that ass, cuz they are tired of playing with themselves..
<Dragonman> do you like big penises?
<Dragonman> or smaller ones?
<dork> i dunno which do you prefer? big or small peni?
<Dragonman> I dont use penises, except my own on women
by hngHATER September 19, 2004
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