H.M.C. Stands for "Heavy Metal Club". It's a group/club with members who wear colors just like a motorcycle club, and have by-laws and a hierarchy. Most are local while the bigger, more recognized ones are international and have chapters throughout the world.
Dude, the local H.M.C. were all at the show last night in full regalia.
by Eddie Quist December 14, 2011
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Reddit/Internet slang stands for: Hold My (Cosmo)politan. This is the female equivalent to HMB-Hold My Beer.

These are the last words before someone does something awesome or gets injured. Not actually said by person but as a comment to a video or gif.
HMC I've got a race to win in heels. HMC(only the acronym in title and it's a video of a drunk women's shenanigans )
by C J breezeway July 28, 2019
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Kinley-“drew get in the back seat

by DrizzlemyNizzlefoshizzle December 27, 2017
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Originating from random mathletes bored during the otherwise dull math meets which they attended, the phrase "HMC" is an abbreviation for "Hot Math Chick." Mathletes have been known to use the acronym sarcastically or more rarely seriously.
Man, check out the size of the polynomials on that HMC!
by Tang April 18, 2005
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Person one to person two who are both watching a street fighting friend HMC while I help a friend out
by UnSpamMe August 06, 2019
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